Resilient Children and Families


Pro Action is committed to helping people and changing lives. Programs in the Resilient Children and Families domain use a two-generation approach to set the stage for child and family advancement. Children’s programs cultivate settings that foster growth and learning, while family programs support families as they set goals, discover and use their personal strengths, and reinforce relationships.

Pro Action is rooted in the spirit of hope, and our workers are trained to see the best in everyone and to help them advance themselves from the basis of their strengths. If you use a service at Pro Action, you can be sure that we will share responsibility with you for the goals you decide to work on …everybody has a role to play.   An array of services support families in reaching their goals in learning, earning, parenting, relationships and more.

In addition, when you connect with Pro Action programs, you are getting access to a whole network of partners who we work with — either directly or through the Family Enrichment Collaborative to build the community we envision. These partners include county agencies, Family Resource Centers, funders, other nonprofits, and community groups.

Early Childhood Learning and Development

Study after study has proven that positive experiences during the first five years of life lead to success in school and life. When young children have nurturing interactions with adults and engage in constructive play, they naturally develop the skills they need for later learning. Pro Action offers an array of programs that strive to ensure positive early experiences for young children in a variety of settings. Besides Head Start and Child Care Aware® of Steuben and Schuyler, which serve children primarily in care or education settings, Pro Action leads the Family Enrichment Collaborative which promotes quality family life and healthy child development at home.

Early Head Start

Early Head Start is a federally funded program which offers an array of services to pregnant women and newborn to 3-year-old children and their families. Early Head Start offers activities that promote young children’s progression through the natural stages of development. As they develop, babies and toddlers pick up the skills they need to start learning in preschool and later in kindergarten. In addition, parents involved in Early Head Start increase their knowledge of infant and toddler development.

Early Head Start Services

  • Center based programming in Corning and Hornell for infants and toddlers five days per week throughout the calendar year
  • Home based services throughout Steuben and Yates counties offer developmental activities via home visits conducted with the parent and the infant/toddler
  • Services for pregnant women
  • Family support services to support the families’ involvement in all aspects of their child’s development and to support families to become advocates for their child’s education.

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Early Head Start
Program Contact Info:
Marsha Patrick, Director

Eligibility Requirements:
Enrolled families must have incomes which meet federal income guidelines. 10% of enrolled slots can be filled with children from any income level. 10% of enrollment slots are made available to children with an identified disability.

For More Information:
607-776-2125 ext. 206


Annual Report

Head Start

Head Start is an early childhood education program that offers activities that promote health, development and kindergarten readiness skills.

The Head Start program is grounded in the principle that parents are the most important teacher in their young child’s life. Therefore, the program provides parents with opportunities to work with teachers to develop an individualized plan for their child which recognizes the child’s strengths and sets goals to support the child’s growth. Parent involvement is always welcome, and family support services are available for interested families.

Head Start Services

  • Center-based early education programming five days per week during the school year throughout Steuben and Yates counties
    Home-based slots in limited locations
    Partnership with teachers to set goals that build on the child’s strengths and support her growth
  • Head Start family services staff support families to become advocates for their child’s education
  • Head Start Family Resource Advocates support families to advance their goals through family assessments and plans; referrals to community supports; informal counseling, advocacy, crisis intervention

Click HERE for our Head Start/Early Head Start Brochure

Head Start
Program Contact Info:
Marsha Patrick, Director

Target Population: Children aged 3 – 5 years
Eligibility Requirements:
Enrolled families must have incomes which meet federal income guidelines. 10% of enrollment slots can be filled with children from any income level. 10% of enrollment slots are made available to children with an identified disability.

For More Information:
607-776-2125, ext. 201

Annual Report

Universal Prekindergarten

Similar to Head Start, Universal Prekindergarten (UPK) is an early childhood education program that offers activities that promote healthy development and kindergarten readiness skills. Children enrolled in the program can expect to gain the skills needed for a successful transition to kindergarten. Also in line with Head Start, UPK views parents as their young child’s most important teachers. Teachers work closely with parents on their child’s learning plans and encourage parents’ involvement with the program.

UPK Services

  • Center-based Universal Prekindergarten programming in a classroom setting offered in partnership with local school districts, including: Addison, Avoca, Bath, Campbell-Savona, Canisteo-Greenwood, Corning-Painted Post, Hammondsport, Hornell, Jasper-Troupsburg, Penn Yan, and Wayland-Cohocton.
    • The programs operate five days per week during the school year throughout Steuben and Yates counties
  • Partnership with teachers to set goals that build on the child’s strengths and support his or her growth


Click HERE for our Head Start/Early Head Start Brochure

Universal Prekindergarten

Eligibility Requirements:
Child must turn four years old on or before December 1st of the enrollment year. Family must reside in the school district where the child is enrolling into UPK. Families from all income levels are eligible to apply.

For More Information:
607-776-2125, ext. 201

Child Care Aware® of Steuben and Schuyler

A program of Pro Action, Child Care Aware ®of Steuben and Schuyler (CCAoSS) is a nonprofit resource and referral service dedicated to helping all parents obtain affordable care which will benefit their child and meet complex family needs. CCAoSS builds the supply and quality of child care offerings, and helps connect parents with child care options that meet their needs. Some parents are eligible for child care fee assistance, too. Child Care Aware® has a comprehensive Web site with a wealth of information for parents, child care providers, and employers.

Child Care Aware Services

  • Resource, referral and education for parents seeking child care
  • Subsidy fee assistance for parents
  • Child care provider recruitment, registration, and monitoring
  • Child care provider training and technical assistance covering a variety of topics relating to child health and development, including the use of a research-based early literacy curriculum
  • Child care provider quality rating services
  • Child & Adult Care Food Program administration

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

Steuben County WIC (Women, Infants, Children Supplemental Nutrition Program)

Good nutrition is essential for healthy child growth and development. Pro Action’s WIC program ensures that all Moms and their young children can access good nutrition, even when money is tight and buying healthy foods is a stretch. The program also provides education and guidance on health and nutrition. What’s more, by reducing the stress of food insecurity, the WIC program helps Moms create the kind of low-stress environment that will get their babies off to a great start in life!

WIC Services 

  • Funds to pay for approved foods for optimum growth and development
  • Nutrition and health education, as well as breastfeeding promotion and support
  • Guidance and referrals to other helpful programs

Steuben County WIC (Women, Infants, Children Supplemental Nutrition Program)

Helpful Links:

Eligibility Requirements:
Please note that many working people are eligible! Applicants must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Categorical – Pregnant, Breastfeeding or Postpartum Women, Infants and Children less than 5 years old
  • Residential – Must be a resident of New York State
  • Income – Household income must be less than 185% of Federal Poverty Guidelines (Many working people are eligible.)
  • Certain applicants can be determined income-eligible for WIC based on their participation in certain programs. These include individuals eligible to receive: SNAP benefits, Medicaid, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), or who are at medical and/or nutritional risk.

For More Information:
607-776-1151 #220
800-553-2033 #220

Family Literacy

It’s never too early to build the skills for learning and success! One way adults can help babies and children become strong learners is by reading to and with them. Pro Action’s Family Literacy programs give families the tools to get into the habit of reading with their children. Through this program, adults learn the benefits of reading to and bonding with children. Children gain a love of books and reading that helps prepare them to start school with a strong foundation for learning.

Family Literacy Services

  • Free children’s books and educational material provided to families enrolled in local home visiting programs.
  • Supplies for 75 red bookshelves in public places throughout Steuben and Yates Counties. The red bookshelves provide free children’s books to anyone in the community.
  • Special events and book give-away programs

Family Literacy Services Basic Info

Program Target Population: Families in partnering programs

Program Contact: Linda George, Family Literacy Coordinator (607) 776-2125 x122;

Eligibility Requirements: Books on Red Bookshelves in public places throughout Steuben and Yates Counties are available for free to everyone

How to enroll: No enrollment necessary

Family Development

Family Development is instrumental to Pro Action’s mission to build a community of resilient people and families. Using the principles of Family Development, the program helps people build the skills and access the supports needed to overcome adversity and advance their goals.

“This program is a wonderful support and training program that really helps families.”

Family Development Adult Services

Family Development Adult Services is a strength-based program in Steuben County for families that have the desire to advance themselves. The Family Development Worker partners with families to help them discover their strengths and apply them to create the life they want and deserve. By building on their strengths, families enrich their skills, connections and relationships.

Family Development Adult Services Offered

Participating families receive direct support services from the Family Development worker including, but not limited to:

  • Face-to-face contacts at least twice per month
  • Family assessments and plans
  • Information and referrals
  • Informal counseling, advocacy, crisis intervention, moral support
  • Accompanying families for services
  • Resources to increase knowledge about a variety of topics affecting family life

Family Development Adult Services Basic Info

Program Target Population: Low income adults in Steuben County

Program Contact: Tawyna Hughes (607) 776-2125 x149;

Eligibility Requirements: Income less than or equal to 125% or 200% of the Federal Poverty Level

How to enroll: Contact information above

Info to have on hand for enrollment: Household Information, income, immediate needs, and other services receiving (to avoid duplication)

For Teens

Teen Age Services Act (TASA)

This program that supports pregnant and parenting teens is being delivered under DSS Preventive Services effective January 2012. Teens seeking support during pregnancy and parenting may enroll on a voluntary basis.

Teen Age Services Act (TASA): Need To Know

Program Contacts:

Nancy Strait, TASA / Preventive Services Coordinator, Steuben County Department of Social Services, 3 East Pulteney Square, Bath, New York 14810, 607-664-2132

Family Enrichment

Pro Action leads the Family Enrichment Collaborative (FEC) with its mission to build relationships and resources to create a culture of positive parenting and a continuum of family support services in Steuben County. At the heart of FEC is the core belief that great parents are made, not born.

Led by Pro Action of Steuben and Yates, Inc., FEC starts with the understanding that everyone wants what is best for children. Participating organizations share responsibility for delivering programs and services that help adults build specific capabilities and create conditions in their environment that promote healthy child development. Child development experts have identified the following five key conditions that set the stage for children to grow and mature in a healthy way.

  1. Knowledge of child development
  2. Parenting skills
  3. Access to support
  4. Ability to cope with stress
  5. Social connection

These conditions can be thought of as five dots, and FEC helps connect these dots for families, schools and neighborhoods through a network of community-based Family Resource Centers (FRCs) that offer a variety of activities, workshops, forums and events that provide opportunities for adults to increase their skills and knowledge while building social connections. In addition, drop-in activities provide developmental play, socialization and literacy-building opportunities for young children attending with their parents or caregivers. Another way FEC connects the dots of family wellbeing is through home visiting services that help families build on their strengths, set goals, and take steps to reach them.

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