About Pro Action


Pro Action works to build a community of resilient individuals and families who can meet their basic needs, overcome adversity, and prosper.


We envision a strong community where all individuals and families prosper.


As a Community Action agency, Pro Action is responsible for helping people and changing lives. We are effective stewards of federal, state, and local resources, using them efficiently to improve the resiliency and future prospects of the people we serve. We take these responsibilities seriously, and are proud of the contribution our work makes to the health of the local economy.

Our comprehensive, integrated family of services support people as they strive to advance themselves. We create pathways to prosperity using a multi-generation approach in programs in four key domains:

  • Resilient Children and Families
  • Thriving Seniors
  • Prosperous Futures
  • Basic Needs Support



Celebrating Our Staff

We are excited to share a video highlighting our staff.  We are proud of our team members and all the work that they do to make our communities stronger.  Our programs span from prenatal care to serving the aging population, and everything in between.  Whether they work directly with customers or behind the scenes to keep our agency safe and strong, we appreciate their dedication, passion and commitment.  Thank you Pro Action Team, we are PROUD of all of you! (Click on the staff picture below to view our video on YouTube celebrating 55 years!)


Needs Assessment
Pro Action conducts a Community Needs Assessment every three years in order to keep pace with community needs.  You can also view the most recent Needs Assessment on our home page.

Executive Leadership Team

Pro Action’s executive leadership team has built the agency’s reputation as one of the most effective human service organizations in the area. These leaders are committed to delivering superb service value by focusing on the, “4 Ps and a C,” of people, promise, partnerships, performance and culture. The executive leadership team includes:

Laura Rossman, CEO
Todd Kesel, Chief Fiscal Officer CFO
Amey Rusak, Associate Executive Director
Matt Bull, COO

Resilience 101

Click here to learn how Pro Action is transforming public understanding of poverty and trauma.

Annual Impact Report

Click here to view our current Annual Impact Report.

Board Meetings

Click 2022 BOD Meeting Schedule for the schedule of Pro Action’s 2021 Board Meetings, which are open to the public.  At this time we are conducting our meetings via Zoom.  Please let us know in advance if you plan to attend by calling (607) 776-2125 ext.1101 or email Michell at Krossberm@proactioninc.org  so we may arrange for your participation.

Pro Action is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors made up of representatives of the public, low-income, and private sectors from both Steuben and Yates Counties. Our current Board Members are:

Michael Gabrielli, President
Kathy Muller, Vice-President
Linda Jolly, Treasurer
Judy Duquette, Secretary
Renee Bloom
Carolyn Johnson
Amy Miller
Hilda Lando
Edward Bronson
Eric Rose
Carey Spara
Bonnie DeKay
Casandra Foley
Debbi Deats

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