Basic Needs Support


By providing basic needs support, Pro Action reduces obstacles on the path to prosperity. Pro Action programs providing basic needs support alleviate the stress of adversity and scarcity, empowering people to advance their goals with peace of mind that they will be nourished, warm and able to provide for the basic necessities of life.

Energy Programs

When homes are energy efficient, families save hundreds of dollars on energy bills each year. Since energy efficiency improvements are long-lived, the savings can really add up over time. Energy efficiency is easier on the pocketbook, better for the planet, and smarter for the national economy. Even when homes are efficient, energy expenses can take a big chunk out of a tight budget and force families to make tough choices among necessities. Pro Action Energy programs address both efficiency and affordability!

Home Energy Assistance Program

HEAP offers the shelter and warmth that all people deserve. With HEAP, households can get some relief, and preserve limited cash for meeting their other needs. Pro Action assists Steuben and Yates Counties in offering HEAP:

HEAP Services

  • Resources to help pay a portion of annual energy bills:
  • HEAP may help pay for: electricity, propane, natural gas, wood, oil, kerosene, coal, or any other heating fuel
  • Emergency assistance for households in a heat-related emergency
  • Assistance with furnace repair or replacement for households with inoperable heating equipment


Learn more about the program, eligibility, and accessing the application HERE.

Information specific to the HEAP Program in Steuben County can be found here.

Energy Saving & Weatherization

Pro Action’s Weatherization and EmPower programs help families raise their quality of living by improving energy efficiency. With more efficient energy usage, families both save money and increase the safety in their homes.

Pro Action employees uphold the highest standards of professionalism and quality. The Energy Department currently has 5 BPI (Building Performance Institute) certified staff. Our staff also maintains up-to-date EPA Lead Renovator certification, mandatory Health & Safety, and Lead & Air Sealing trainings. .

Energy Saving & Weatherization Services

  • Energy efficiency measures such as: air sealing; insulation; heating system improvement or replacement; lighting improvements; refrigerator replacement
  • EmPower specifically targets electric usage and also provides education for ongoing efficiency

Energy/Weatherization Forms:

Community Action Angels (formerly CHAMP)

Ask a Pro Action partner about Community Action Angels (formerly CHAMP) and they’ll tell you how grateful they are for this small but mighty program, the result of pure compassion and dedication on the part of Pro Action’s employees. Our staff members absolutely believe that all people have what it takes to create the future they want for themselves, even when there are set-backs. But we don’t expect people to go it alone; we’re here to support them while they bounce back!

Community Action Angels Services:

Pro Action employees volunteer their time, talent, and energy to raise money for our Community Action Angels Program.
The funds are used to provide small (less than $100) personal assistance grants to people who are looking for help but are not eligible to receive it through standing programs.

Community Action Angels (formerly CHAMP)

This program accepts referrals from partner agencies. For more information, email To enroll, a staff person at a partner agency can use this Community Action Angels Request Form.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

Steuben County WIC (Women, Infants, Children Supplemental Nutrition Program)

Good nutrition is essential for healthy child growth and development. Pro Action’s WIC program ensures that all eligible women and young children can access good nutrition, even when money is tight and buying healthy foods is a stretch. The program also provides education and guidance on health and nutrition. What’s more, by reducing the stress of food insecurity, the WIC program helps households create the kind of low-stress environment that will get their babies off to a great start in life! (Read the USDA Nondiscrimination Statement)

WIC Services 

  • Funds to pay for approved foods for optimum growth and development
  • Nutrition and health education, as well as breastfeeding promotion and support
  • Guidance and referrals to other helpful programs

Steuben County WIC (Women, Infants, Children Supplemental Nutrition Program)

Helpful Links:

Eligibility Requirements:
Please note that many working families are eligible and any caregiver or guardian may apply for an eligible child.
To be eligible for benefits, applicants must meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

  • Categorical – Pregnant, Breastfeeding or Postpartum Women, Infants and Children less than 5 years old
  • Residential – Must be a resident of New York State
  • Income – Household income must be less than 185% of Federal Poverty Guidelines (Many working people are eligible.) Certain applicants can be determined income-eligible for WIC based on their participation in certain programs. These include individuals eligible to receive: SNAP benefits, Medicaid, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).
  • Those who are at medical and/or nutritional risk.

For More Information:


Nutrition Programs

With their basic needs met, people can put aside stress so they can see and plan for the bright future ahead of them. Proper nutrition is the most basic of human needs. Pro Action’s Nutrition programs promote health and quality-of-life as they connect community members –from newborns to great-grandparents –with healthy food to support a fulfilling life.

Senior Nutrition

Seniors need strength-boosting nutrition more than ever, yet face barriers to preparing healthy meals. Pro Action provides Senior Nutrition programs in partnership with Steuben and Yates County Offices for Aging. These programs offer solutions for people who have limited ability to leave the house as well as those who wish to get out and socialize with peers.

Senior Nutrition Services 

  • Meals delivered to homes throughout Steuben and Yates counties
  • Weekday meals at congregate meal sites throughout Steuben and Yates counties
  • Each meal provides 1/3 of the Recommended Daily Allowance of important nutrients


Food Assistance

The HOPE Center Keuka Food Pantry:

Pro Action partnered with Keuka Housing to open The HOPE Center Keuka Food Pantry in September of 2017. With various local funders and support from the Wegman’s team, The HOPE Center Keuka  Food Pantry is able to serve as the main food pantry for Yates County and is a turning point for individuals and families seeking to move toward self-reliance. The pantry works to stabilize families in economic crisis and support them as they strive for self-reliance and a better future.

Located at: 202 E. Elm St. Penn Yan, NY 14527
Phone: 315-924-3502
Current Hours:

  • Monday 9am-2pm
  • Tuesday 11am-4pm
  • Thursday 10am-2pm

**Please contact if emergencies or additional arrangements need to be made.

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