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Pro Action empowers seniors to thrive after age 60. We’re sensitive to the unique needs of those over the age of 60, and have assembled a range of programs with this age group in mind. Open this file to see a complete, up-to-date listing of all programs offered by Yates Office for Aging.

Pro Action’s Thriving Seniors family of programs provide information and services that help people over age 60 live life the fullest while preserving their safety, health, independence and quality of life. The result? More years of healthy and fulfilling living! A truly comprehensive resource for residents in this age group, Yates Office for Aging (OFA) provides everything from information and referral, to life-saving communications devices, to social opportunities, to caregiver support and coordination. In addition, senior nutrition programs are offered in both Yates and Steuben counties.

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Program Leadership

Zack Housworth, Associate Director

1-607-776-2125 x 6300

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