Yates Office for Aging In-Home Services

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Program Contact

Amy Canfield
315-279-4321 X 6302

Yates OFA’s In-Home Services help seniors with in-home caregiving and assistance that empowers them to live in their own homes even when challenges to everyday independent living are present. These services can mean the world to families who are trying both to maintain a cherished home and protect the safety, independence and quality of life of an older loved one.

Case Management
With the aim of helping individuals live independently in their homes for as long as safely possible, Yates OFA’s Case Management service helps to identify the needs of the individual, plan care,  arrange and monitor services.

Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly (EISEP)
For many older people, the ability to stay living in their own homes as long as possible means the world to them and their families. But some people may begin to be challenged to take care of every-day tasks and require support. For frail individuals needing help with housekeeping, personal care, shopping, laundry, etc., there’s the Yates Expanded In Home Services for the Elderly Program. With this support, families can be sure that a cherished home is being kept up, while having the peace of mind that the older residents are safe and well cared for.

Respite Services
Family caregivers need time off from their caregiving activities once in a while to take care of themselves, go to appointments or just to relax. Respite services help provide an aide or a volunteer to assist or visit with the care receiver for a few hours every now and again so the caregiver can have a break.

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