Yates Office for Aging Information and Referral Programs

Knowledge is power, and Yates Office for Aging (OFA) is the primary resource for information and referral, connecting seniors with knowledge needed to live their life to the fullest. All programs have been designed with the special needs of this age group in mind, with the goal of supporting more years of healthy and fulfilling living.

Yates OFA helps interested seniors figure out which programs can be helpful to them through its information and referral service. Calling the office at 315-279-4321 is the first step to get started with any Yates OFA services.

Long Term Care Counseling/ Yates NY Connects Choices for Long Term Care When it’s time to think about long-term care, it’s best to look at all of the options. Yates NY Connects is the place to start when you don’t know where or how to start. You’ll receive advice and counseling on in-home services as well as residential options.

Health Insurance Information and Assistance Navigating the different health insurance options and systems can be a chore. What people need is clear, unbiased information about health insurance. Yates OFA’s Health Insurance Information and Assistance Program provides information and counseling on questions related to Medicare, long-term care insurance, pharmaceutical coverage programs, Medicare Savings and Medicare Extra Help. Click here for Medicare updates and information.

Caregiver Support Program Those providing care for someone who needs help with day-to-day living face a variety of challenges and stresses. Yates OFA’s Caregiver Support Program offers guidance, respite and support to those who provide assistance to loved ones. Participants will learn strategies to help with the challenges they face as caregivers.

The Any Care Counts – New York (ACC-NY) Campaign recognizes and supports the millions of unpaid caregivers across the state! Through ACC-NY you can discover your caregiver intensity score by taking the ARCHANGELS Caregiver Intensity Index (CII). It takes just 2 minutes to complete. You will find out whether you are “in the red,” “yellow” or “green,” and be connected to trusted resources.  

Do you prefer to search resources on your own? Visit the NY Connects Resource Directory. NY Connects links individuals of all ages and their caregivers to long term services and supports and provides one stop access to free, objective, comprehensive information and assistance.

Legal Services When it comes to protecting your rights and ensuring proper resolution of legal issues, nobody should have to go it alone. Yates OFA’s Legal Services program refers its customers to Legal Assistance of Western New York, where they can access legal representation on rights, benefits, and issues regarding civil law.

Private Care Registry For anyone looking for in-home care providers, Yates OFA maintains a list of private duty aides, nurses, housekeepers, companions, etc. This is a list of individuals providing these services; they are NOT recommendations by Yates OFA. Please contact our office for more information.

Elder Abuse Education
It’s important to be aware of the risks that exist for older people to become the victims of mistreatment, neglect, physical abuse, or financial abuse. Yates OFA offers public education on these threats to seniors’ quality of life.

Tax Assistance Tax filing as a senior requires specific knowledge. Volunteers in this free tax assistance program have been trained specifically to complete tax returns for seniors. The service is available from February 1 through April 15th each year. It’s open to taxpayers with middle and low incomes, with a special emphasis on those aged 60 and over.

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Program Contact

Contact our office at 315-279-4321

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