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At Pro Action, we’re firm believers that people have what it takes to create the future they want for themselves, even in the face of challenges and set-backs. Pro Action programs in the Prosperous Futures domain help pave the path to prosperity and support people as they bounce back from adversity. These programs provide guidance and tools for job seekers to find and secure good jobs, while helping them develop skills and supporting their success in the workforce. In addition, some programs help people work toward financial goals and build assets.

Obtaining & Maintaining Employment

Getting a job is the main path for most people to provide for themselves and their families. For people to get and keep good jobs, they need to have the skills that employers need, and the know-how to find job opportunities that are right for them. Job seekers who have the skills employers need have the best chance of getting a job.  Because people grow and industries change, many of these skills are gathered through a process of life-long learning. That’s why Pro Action’s Prosperous Futures programs serve everyone from the very young to the young at heart.

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Program Leadership

Zack Housworth, Associate Director

1-607-776-2125 x 6300

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