Children are more likely than adults to live in poverty in Pro Action’s service area. Child care costs, lack of living wages, costly housing, and other factors put economic opportunity out of reach for many families. At the same time, low educational attainment is becoming a generational problem holding people back from achieving their potential. Programs in the Resilient Children and Families domain use a two-generation approach to set the stage for child and family development. Children’s programs cultivate settings that foster growth and learning, while family programs support families as they set goals, discover and use their personal strengths, and reinforce relationships. Pro Action is rooted in the spirit of hope. Children and families in our service have pushed through the most difficult two years in recent history, demonstrating their resourcefulness and their resilience. We know that we are just beginning to notice the toll that the pandemic has taken on all of us. Pro Action’s Resilient Children & Families teams are committed to provide responsive service with input and leadership from participants. We are committed to delivering HELP that HELPS.

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Kids on Track Referral Form: Child Older Than 3 Months

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Program Leadership

Margie Lawlor, Associate Director
RCF Community Based Services

1-607-776-2125 x 9100

Theresa Wells, Associate Director
RCF Home & Center Based Services

1-607-776-2125 x 7100

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