Home Based Services

Pro Action’s Resilient Children and Families Home Based Services provide family support services and parenting education to enrolled families in their homes. Home Visitors support family engagement in all aspects of the program to strengthen family protective factors and encourage family resilience using supportive services, education on child development, offering community referrals, and supporting families with their goals.

Enrolled children receive periodic developmental screenings or assessments at least two times per year. In addition, child development, parenting, and family strengthening curricula is provided based on needs of families. Home visitors support successful transitions to other formal or informal services in the community and provide access to resources as needed.


  • Increase Positive Parent-child interactions: The love you have for your children and your warm, responsive interactions support their trust in this wonderful world. With your love and interactions, they will grow and thrive.
  • Provide Development-Centered Parenting: Share what you see your children doing. Your home visitor will help connect those behaviors and actions to what is happening in their development.
  • Encourage Family Well-Being: You are building a healthy, nurturing environment for your children. Your home visitor is there to broaden your knowledge as you make decisions for your child and family.

Program Contact

Maegan McKenzie
607-776-2125 ext. 2102

For Adults

Program Target Population: Families in Steuben County.

Eligibility Requirements: No specific eligibility requirements.

Info to have on hand for enrollment: Household Information, income, immediate needs, and other services receiving (to avoid duplication).

For Teens

Program Target Population: Pregnant and parenting teens in Steuben County

Teen Age Services Act (TASA): This program supports pregnant and parenting teens in Steuben County, is being delivered under DSS Preventive Services. Teens seeking support during pregnancy and parenting may enroll on a voluntary basis.

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